Turn 5 Minutes on TV into $5000 📺💰

June 08, 2023

What if I told you that you could 10x your business from 1 TV segment?

Whether it’s sharing the latest fitness moves, real estate tips, hair styling trends or up-and-coming travel destinations, going on TV as an expert in your field will make you money.


New clients

Product Sales

Attention from brands for potential deals

New social media followers that align with your business

Thousands of dollars worth of free marketing materials that never expire

What you many not know is that some people pay publicists and talent bookers literally thousands of dollars to get them on just one TV show. That’s how valuable a single TV appearance can be for your business.

It’s great if a publicist actually lands you a segment, but the issue is you still will have no clue how to navigate the world of Broadcast Television, you won’t have any media contacts for yourself, and you will have to fork over thousands of dollars again the next time you want to get more publicity.

This is why it’s VITAL that you put the power in your hands and learn how to Get On TV. As someone who has booked herself on countless regional and national shows including Today, EXTRA TV and Access Hollywood Live, I know all of the insider tips that will land you the exposure you’re looking for.

If you’re curious about getting on TV, book your free call with me.

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