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This is for you if…

– You want to get press but don’t know where to begin.

– You want your social media to attract publicity opportunities and new clients.

– You want a clear picture of how journalists think and what you need to do to make them care about your business.

– You’re tired of the hustle of always hunting people down.

-You have an About Story story that reads more like a resume or you need help to create a founder’s story that sells.

– You’ve tried to get press but aren’t making progress.

– You’re posting on social media consistently but aren’t gaining mommentum or generating leads.

What Past Participants are Saying…

PR Check-Up

What’s Included:



Get personalized feedback from me — a journalist and on-air expert who has been in media for 20+ years — on your website or your social media channel of choice with an action plan to ensure you’re showing up in the best way possible to attract press opportunities and new clients.

Insider Tips to Make Yourself Newsworthy now

Find out which story angles to pitch for your business and what content to create on social media to increase your chances of being featured on TV, magazines, websites and podcasts.


Q & A

If you’ve been going back and forth on your social media about what to write in your IG bio or feel like something is missing in your “About Story” on your website, this is your chance to get clarity once and for all.



In addition to your 1:1 hotseat with me, you’ll gain insights from the audits I give to other attendees and can apply those tips to your business. 



You’ll have the opportunity to network with other small business founders. 

I only offer this once a month (just $75).

How I got on the TODAY Show from social media

Imagine being woken up to emails and text messages from friends telling you they just saw you on national TV?!

And you had no clue this was happening.

That’s what happened to me.

The TODAY show FOUND me from my social media.

I don’t have a big following, especially on TikTok, which is proof your follower count does NOT matter.

I don’t have a social media manager. I do all of my own content creation.

I don’t have any connections to the reporter who worked on this story.

But, I do know how to show up to attract publicity.

As a result, TODAY featured ME in a segment about American vs. European sunscreens. They took a clip from a video I posted months ago and aired it on their Saturday morning broadcast.

Imagine getting featured as a thought leader in your industry on national TV without doing anything?!

It CAN be that easy.

Register for your PR Check-Up today to make sure you’re teeing yourself up so opportunities like this come to you.

Let’s do it!

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What Past Participants are saying…

Nicolette, Founder of Imbustalo

“Getting to hear ways to improve. Having a professional give honest feedback on first impressions. The thinking/ perspective from a PR professional. It was also helpful to hear feedback given to others and allowed us to all connect.”

Michelle, Founder of Cookies On Demand.

“I appreciated Nicole’s personable and knowledgeable approach during the PR Checkup. Her practical recommendations were spot-on, addressing each participant’s specific needs based on where they are in their entrepreneurial journey.”

Hi, I’m Nicole!

What most people don’t know is I became a PR & Media Coach by accident!

I’m actually a former national magazine editor and freelance writer who turned herself into a TV Beauty Expert known as The Beauty Girl using the same steps and strategies I now teach.

During the pandemic I was on the social audio App Clubhouse and heard too many “experts” offer the wrong advice on how to pitch the media. It broke my heart to see so many creatives and small business founders invest all of this money with no results to show for it. I knew I could do better for them.

Newsflash: Your ability to land your dream press and partnerships isn’t based on being “somebody,” having a big-shot budget or big-wig connections.

I can prove it to you because I’ve been on all sides of media — print, websites and TV. And as a result of implementing my own DIY PR efforts, I gained credibility, grew my personal brand and entertained all kinds of opportunities including booking myself on TODAY, being a guest speaker and panelist for major corporations and top brands, moderating a popular celebrity’s book tour — a career high — and playing myself on reality TV.

Now I’m extracting my 25 years worth of industry expertise, teaching my proven method and giving you all of the insider scoop so you can bypass the gatekeepers and make an impact with your brand.

From pitch tips that will give you the advantage to sharing my contacts so you don’t have to pay for expensive databases to teaching you how to position your business to land your dream publicity, think of me as your personal press portal.

Throughout my career I’ve contributed to countless magazines and websites such as Allure, Cosmopolitan, O, The Oprah Magazine, Marie Claire, Self, Parents and to name a few. I’ve booked myself on hundreds of local and national shows such as TODAY, EXTRA TV, FOX Weather, ABC, NBC and more as a beauty, fashion and lifestyle expert.

To date, every one of my clients who has applied my methods has had media success and grown their brand awareness to take their business to the next level.

This includes features in national press, booking TV segments, getting on coveted media lists, revising their brand story, landing retail and social media brand partnerships and more.

I believe everyone should have the chance to get the visibility they deserve, and I want to help more people do that. If you’re up to the task, I’ll show you how.

P.S. My story wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include my biggest accomplishments — being a mom to my three young kids, Rex, Jasper and Hazel.

You In?

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