It’s time for more people to know about you. Grow your brand into a household name and become everyone’s Go-To. Learn how from a media insider.


The Today Show
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Are you tired of seeing everyone else get featured when you’re just as experienced and wondering

“Why Not Me?”

Do you want to see yourself in magazines and on TV but don’t know where to start?

Have you already spent $$$ trying to get publicity with no results to show for it?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.


How can you be so sure? I’m Nicole, and I’m a former national magazine beauty editor turned freelance writer and TV personality who has written for countless magazines and websites such as Allure, Cosmopolitan, O, The Oprah Magazine, Marie Claire, Self, and to name a few. Plus, I regularly appear on local and national morning shows such as TODAY, Access Hollywood Live, FOX, ABC, NBC and more as a beauty, style and lifestyle expert.

I started this business after being on a social audio App called Clubhouse. Because of my 20+ years of experience as a journalist, I heard too many people offering the wrong advice on how to pitch the media, and it broke my heart to see so many small business owners and thought leaders invest all of this money with no results to show for it. I knew I could do better for them.


Why me? As someone who is in the media, I receive hundreds of pitches in my inbox every single day. If you want to know what it takes to get an editor like myself to open your email and feature you, it’s probably best to learn from your target (me). In addition to getting pitches, I use my Pitch Perfect method to pitch myself, which has landed me tons of national coverage from “The New York Times” to EXTRA TV. I bring my intimate understanding of both sides of the business and not only teach you the insider strategies and systems to pitching, but everything is personalized to you and your brand. Knowing what to do vs. what not to do could be the difference between forging or fudging a relationship with the press.

Why should you care? Getting featured in the media gives you an Advantage over your competition, Amplifies your message faster and provides Access to bigger stages. If you’re not yet confident enough to call yourself an expert or are wanting to get your product first to market, landing media should be top priority. You’ll earn instant CREDIBILITY in your space and will grow your brand AWARENESS, which ultimately converts to increased SALES.




Are you ready to tap into my insider access and make the press your partner?

  Done WITH You 1:1 TOTAL MEDIA Package

6 75-minute sessions with me and ongoing support for 30 days after our final session for up to 3 hours.

This is perfect for you if…

You want to achieve results that would normally cost $30k or more in agency fees.

You want to bypass the gatekeepers & get access to exclusive press opps.

You want to find the right people to pitch without paying for an expensive database.

You want to take the guesswork out of PR & learn the insider secrets only a journalist would know to increase your credibility and sales.

What’s Included:

6 sessions + 30 days support (welcome to my inner circle)
Weekly action items
Learn how to write a pitch to land your dream publicity
Follow-up system for pitch responses
Accesss contacts for producers, journalists, and media players
from my private media network
Get on coveted media lists
Learn insider secrets to avoid blacklisting
Leverage publicity to increase profit
Master your social media content strategy
Refine brand positioning and messaging to convert new customers
Create a compelling ABOUT Story
Get Media training for on-camera videos and interviews

After our time together, you’ll have the tools and strategies to:

Ready To Get Started?

1:1 75-minute POWER SESSION

Looking for clarity? Want an effective media strategy? Have pressing questions? Need an editor’s feedback? Wondering how to position your brand? Tap into Nicole’s industry expertise to get your PR Checkup and propel your business forward.

The Power Session Includes: 

✔️75-minute 1:1 strategy call with Nicole.

✔️Before our call, I will email you prep forms so we can optimize our time together.

✔️ I will provide a video recording of our meeting.


Done FOR You: MEDIA PITCH Glowup

What’s Included: 90-minute virtual session + 2 written pitches for your business + my 5ws Pitch Framework  + my follow-up formula.

You could spend 10k and have someone write your pitches for you. Or, you could hire me and get access only a journalist like myself can offer. We will identify who to pitch, you will discover the nuggets that make your brand newsworthy, and you will walk away with 2 ready-to-send media pitches, my 5Ws pitch formula and follow-up method.

This is perfect for you…if you want done-for-you, ready-to-send pitches and/or want to delegate your PR efforts to an assistant or team member. $2000


Done FOR You: Your ABOUT Story

What’s Included: 1 hour workshop, Founder’s Story written for you and 2 rounds of edits.

During our session we will refine your brand messaging, connect the dots to uncover the story you need to tell and take stock of your content so it all jives. You aren’t the only one doing what you do. So why would someone hire you or buy from you? It comes down to YOUR STORY. It’s your foundation, and the importance of sharing it in a way that resonates with your ideal client is critical to your success. As a journalist and TV contributor, I know how to write a story that sells. $997


What my clients are saying…

JJ S., owner of Bangin Brows boutique and founder of BrowFriend.

“My biggest takeaway from working with Nicole was that as soon as I implemented her pitch strategies, I realized that getting press for your business CAN be easy. I landed my first TV segment, and the exposure directly converted to 16 new bookings at my salon within two hours of my spot airing, and we also saw 386 website visitors to my product site resulting in several sales.”

Morgan B., Fashion Stylist

“Thanks for helping me draw out what’s unique about my POV and where it comes from. I think for the longest time I had shame around who I was and tried to hide it. But now I realize what a superpower it is. As a result, I’ve gotten my first feature, I’m now on a journalist’s media list and an agent who hasn’t been responsive in the past just reached out to work with me! “


The Today Show
New York Times Sunday Styles




…Neither Should Getting on TV

What my clients are saying…

Jessica B., Video Marketing Expert

Not only was I able to gain more knowledge and confidence in how to pitch myself, but now I’m getting local and national recognition for what I’m able to do and the services I’m able to provide.

Kawana, B., The Beauty Bar 

“I had reached out to this news reporter in the past. My goal was to gain media coverage, but I didn’t. But until I started working with Nicole, who helped me craft a founder’s story, a new pitch with a catchy headline and encouraged me to follow up with the same news reporter, once I did, almost immediately the news reporter responded and offered me a TV segment!”