Tired of seeing everyone else get featured and wondering “Why Not Me?”

Now it’s your turn! Introducing 5 Days to Free Press — the live course that makes it easier for you to get press and become fully booked.

This is your start to appearing on TV, bigger stages and podcasts, seeing your name in magazines and scoring lucrative brand deals.


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 Get Your Custom Media Pitch & PR Strategy

LIVE COURSE: June 18 – July 1

Led by Nicole Pearl
National Journalist, TV Beauty Expert and Award-Winning PR & Media Coach


Develop a specific pitch for your business that is ready to send out.


What to do to stand out and get featured time and again.


Get a journalist’s eyes on your business to ensure you are showing up in the best way possible to attract new clients and press coverage.


Personalized pitch workshop with an experienced industry veteran.


Identify who, where and when to pitch. 

Let’s do this! 

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT some downloadable course with generic plug and play templates that you have to DIY

LIVE COURSE June 18th – July 1st 2024

“This is the glue I needed to connect everything.” Serin, Business Coach



FACTS: Getting your name in the news = Bigger opportunites = More income. If you want to get a journalist’s attention, then doesn’t it make sense to learn from one — ahem, me?

As a national magazine editor and freelance writer who turned herself into a TV Beauty & Lifestyle expert, I am in the trenches, getting pitched and pitching myself. I see firsthand what hits, what misses. I’ve got the pulse on the intangibles like naunce and tone, which is what will set you apart. I’m not teaching theory. I’m teaching you what works. And I know it does considering it’s what’s enabled me to get quoted in publications like Huff Post and The Wall Street Journal and to book myself on hundreds of shows from TODAY to ExtraTV.



In just 5 days I will teach you the exact steps to write a pitch that’s personalized to your brand (no writing skills required). You’ll also discover how to position your brand to attract media opportunities. What you believe is the star of your story may actually be the supporting actor. The course will culminate with a 1:1 virtual session with me where we will workshop your pitch together and so much more.



I’ve created a curriculum that includes my best insider tips and proven practices from my 25+ years in the media, and I am wrapping it with a bow so more people will discover you, so you can stake your claim as the industry Authority, and so you can enjoy the ultimate gift all of this will lead to — a growing business.



Before our first training, I will send you a workbook, and at the end of each session there will be an assignment so you come out of this class with:

An actual pitch you will send out.

The skill set to write a successful pitch and secure more publicity opportunities.

A feeling of relief because you will have unlocked the mystery of the media.

By the end of this course, you’ll see that getting your name in the news isn’t as scary, intimidating or far off as it may seem to you right now.

Your Price: $997 $897 with code EARLYBIRD100 (total value: $2500)

You will walk away with:


An actual media pitch that you’ll send out


A skill set to pitch the media that is rooted in my proven method – the same method I’ve used to earn tons of free press from The New York Times to Access Hollywood Live.


A refined brand story and ability to properly position your product or service to the press without having to start from scratch each time you pitch a new outlet.


My insider tips to give you an ADVANTAGE over your competition so you can AMPLIFY your message faster, become known as the THOUGHT LEADER you’re meant to be and attract BIGGER OPPORTUNITIES, which ultimately leads to more INCOME.


The workbook provides thoughtfully designed worksheets, cheat sheets and resources to give you the tools to create a strategic publicity plan and write successful pitches.


Replays of the course and 1:1 attention will be provided.


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What my clients are saying…

Jessica B., Video Marketing Expert

Not only was I able to gain more knowledge and confidence in how to pitch myself, but now I’m getting local and national recognition for what I’m able to do and the services I’m able to provide.

 Denise Swafford, host of My Home Town America

“I now feel great about the pitch. I’m good talking to people face to face, but writing a pitch felt like another animal. I didn’t think I came across like I wanted. This course has been very helpful. I’m confident now and got more than what I paid for.”

Kawana, B., The Beauty Bar 

“I had reached out to this news reporter in the past. My goal was to gain media coverage, but I didn’t. But until I started working with Nicole, who helped me craft a founder’s story, a new pitch with a catchy headline and encouraged me to follow up with the same news reporter, once I did, almost immediately the news reporter responded and offered me a TV segment!”

During These 5 Days You Will


DAY 1: June 18th

Outline your Strategic Media Plan to fast track your credibility, reach more people and generate more profit. (Value $397)


DAY 2: June 20th

Sleuth Your Source: Identify Who, Where and When to Pitch – no expensive contact database required. (Value $397)


DAY 3: June 24th

Learn my 5Ws Pitch Formula and dive into the recipe for an awesome pitch and develop the skill set to craft yours. (Value $397)


DAY 4: June 26th

My best pitch tips and practices; Sharpening your message; Refining your pitch. (Value $397)


DAY 5: July 1st

We will workshop your pitch and tap into my industry expertise. BONUS: What to do AFTER the pitch. (Value $912)

Total Value $2500: Your Price $997 $897 with code EARLYBIRD100 through May 31st.

Included Perks

BONUS: Interactive Workbook ($97 Value)

The workbook includes worksheets and resources to outline your publicity plan, guide you through the pitch-writing process, help you generate story ideas, implement a tracking system and more.

BONUS: Live Workshop With Nicole

We will workshop your pitch so it’s ready to send out. I will tap into my industry expertise and media network to provide you with tactical next steps to grow your business.

What my clients are saying…

JJ S., owner of Bangin Brows boutique and founder of BrowFriend.

“My biggest takeaway from working with Nicole was that as soon as I implemented her pitch strategies, I realized that getting press for your business CAN be easy. I landed my first TV segment, and the exposure directly converted to 16 new bookings at my salon within two hours of my spot airing, and we also saw 386 website visitors to my product site resulting in several sales.”

Morgan B., Fashion Stylist

“Thanks for helping me draw out what’s unique about my POV and where it comes from. I think for the longest time I had shame around who I was and tried to hide it. But now I realize what a superpower it is. As a result, I’ve gotten my first feature, I’m now on a journalist’s media list and an agent who hasn’t been responsive in the past just reached out to work with me! “

Anya, Boudoir Photographer


Queenie Urbane, YouTuber with 1 million followers and Pageant Winner


This is not for you if you’re expecting:


Generic Templates

Mass pitching is so 2000. Journalists can sniff out a generic pitch, and they’ll send you to the trash folder faster than ChatGPT can answer your next query. My pitch formula saves you time without sacrificing personalization.


Zero accountability

I will meet you where you are during our 1:1 workshop.


To get famous from PR

This is for someone who wants to use Publicity as a strategic vehicle to boost your credibility, expand your reach and generate more income opportunities.

5 Days to free press

If you want to know what it takes to get a journalist like myself to open your email and feature you or your product, it’s probably best to learn from your target (me). I bring my intimate understanding of both sides of the business and not only teach you the insider strategies and systems to pitching, but everything is personalized to you and your brand. Knowing what to do vs. what not to do could be the difference between forging or fudging a relationship with the press.

Get $100 off with code EARLYBIRD100 through May 31st. 

My Happiness Guarantee

If after finishing the course, completing the assignments and implementing my strategies you don’t have a working pitch, I will give you your money back. All you have to do is send me an email showing your final pitch with the steps you’ve taken, and I’ll issue your refund. That’s how much I believe this program will work for you. There is no guarantee that you will get featured or earn money as your results will be determined by a number of factors that are out of my control including the actions you take following this program. But I am 100 percent confident that the content you learn during this program will prep you to gain more visibility.

Hi, I’m Nicole!

What most people don’t know is I became a PR & Media Coach by accident!

I’m actually a former national magazine editor and freelance writer who turned herself into a TV Beauty Expert known as The Beauty Girl using the same steps and strategies I now teach.

During the pandemic I was on the social audio App Clubhouse and heard too many “experts” offer the wrong advice on how to pitch the media. It broke my heart to see so many creatives and small business founders invest all of this money with no results to show for it. I knew I could do better for them.

Newsflash: Your ability to land your dream press and partnerships isn’t based on being “somebody,” having a big-shot budget or big-wig connections.

I can prove it to you because I’ve been on all sides of media — print, websites and TV. And as a result of implementing my own DIY PR efforts, I gained credibility, grew my personal brand and entertained all kinds of opportunities including booking myself on TODAY, being a guest speaker and panelist for major corporations and top brands, moderating a popular celebrity’s book tour — a career high — and playing myself on reality TV.

Now I’m extracting my 25 years worth of industry expertise, teaching my proven method and giving you all of the insider scoop so you can bypass the gatekeepers and make an impact with your brand.

From pitch tips that will give you the advantage to sharing my contacts so you don’t have to pay for expensive databases to teaching you how to position your business to land your dream publicity, think of me as your personal press portal.

Throughout my career I’ve contributed to countless magazines and websites such as Allure, Cosmopolitan, O, The Oprah Magazine, Marie Claire, Self, Parents and Byrdie.com to name a few. I’ve booked myself on hundreds of local and national shows such as TODAY, EXTRA TV, FOX Weather, ABC, NBC and more as a beauty, fashion and lifestyle expert.

To date, every one of my clients who has applied my methods has had media success and grown their brand awareness to take their business to the next level.

This includes features in national press, booking TV segments, getting on coveted media lists, revising their brand story, landing retail and social media brand partnerships and more.

I believe everyone should have the chance to get the visibility they deserve, and I want to help more people do that. If you’re up to the task, I’ll show you how.

P.S. My story wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include my biggest accomplishments — being a mom to my three young kids, Rex, Jasper and Hazel.

What my clients are saying…

Shannon C., Hold The Magic

“Nicole knows how to dial in your story and get you in front of the right audience. She’s patient, kind and very knowledgeable. Before the course, I wasn’t sure which direction to go with my marketing efforts, and now I have a clear strategy. Nicole, thank you for providing a fresh perspective!”

Greg N., Realtor

“1 pitch, 1 in-studio live TV spot! Not a bad batting average Nicole!”

Jennifer B, Owner of Boxfull

“Working with Nicole was enlightening! She walked me through how to structure my pitch in an optimal way to increase the likelihood of getting booked — and it worked! She met me where I was as far as knowledge and experience (which was basically non existent) and was so patient. I highly recommend working with Nicole to increase brand awareness and help you grow your business.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I can't make the live sessions?

Life happens. I will share replays of each training with you. There will be Q&A at the end of each session, but the beauty of this course is that you’ll have 1:1 time with me so you will get personal attention no matter what.

Q. Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! At checkout, click on the “Affirm Pay Over Time” option, and you can choose your payment plan. 

Are there other ways to work with you?

Yes! Once you complete this course, you’ll be ready for my 1:1 PR Booster, which is customized to your goals. I can fill you in on that later. Or, if you want to work together one-on-one from the get-go, my 1:1 Total Media package is for you. Scroll to the bottom of this page to schedule a Discovery call with me.

Are refunds available?

Due to limited spots, there are no refunds before the course begins. If you have a reason to request a refund after completing the course and implementing the strategies, please let me know. There is no guarantee that you will get featured or earn money as your results will be determined by a number of factors that are out of my control including the actions you take following this program. But I am 100 percent confident that the content you learn during this program will prep you to gain more visibility.

What time does the session start each day and for how long does it last?

We will meet via Zoom at 10am cst each day. The session will be about 60 minutes but the exact length will vary depending on the hot seating and Q&A. 

What if I already hired PR or want to hire a PR agency?

That’s great if you choose to go the PR route. You’ll need a budget of at least $30,000, so if you’re going to make this investment, it’s essential you don’t end up spending your money with nothing to show for it.

This course will empower you to choose the PR agency that’s the right fit for your brand as it will equip you with skills and information required to make sure you’re being pitched to the right outlets, in a way that’s authentic to your brand, and with a message that connects with your target audience.


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